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Photo by Brittany Harrelson

Best Place for Fresh Air: The Cayce/West Columbia Riverwalk

By Gracie Bryant

2020 shook all of us up and made us realize the important things in life. It was unsafe to go places, so I often felt trapped in my room and tied to my computer, looking at the outside with longing eyes.

However, I knew that it wasn’t unsafe to go for a walk. Some days a walk was all that was saving my sanity, one of the main things I looked forward to. I looked away from my screens, took in what was around me and breathed in the fresh air.

My favorite place to go on a walk in Columbia was the Cayce/West Columbia Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is an easy, 8-mile trail beside the Congaree River. The entire trail is either paved or boardwalk, making it conducive to wheelchairs, bicycles and all levels of physical fitness.

My favorite part about walking on The Riverwalk is that there are always a multitude of different people there simply enjoying nature. Some are fishing, some are jogging and others are strolling along, taking in the scenery.

Walks became an important part of my day in 2020, but I’ll be soaking in Columbia’s beauty on the Riverwalk in 2021, as well.