Column: Educate yourself early this voting season

The South Carolina primaries were recently held, it's important for South Carolinians to educate themselves about the elections and all the candidates running. The current polarization of this country is at an all time high and these midterms will be very telling for the future of America. 

What's the Tea with Boba?

Boba, also know as bubble tea, is a sweet treat that is growing in popularity amongst younger generations in America.

In The Loop | June 24, 2022

In The Loop is an SGTV News 4 podcast breaking down Columbia and UofSC news, arts, entertainment, and events every week. On this episode, we discuss the recent primary elections in South Carolina, new business initiatives coming to Columbia, and Famously Hot SC Pride. Also, hosts Will Kronsberg and Grace Weismantel break down Columbia events you can look forward to over the weekend to keep you in the loop.