Human trafficking is a widespread issue: Here's how you stay safe

Human Trafficking in South Carolina is more common than most might think. Experts in the field share tips about how to recognize trafficking, and also how to stay safe. “[Traffickers] try to eliminate risk. They try to operate under the radar and are very subtle in their tactics typically. So that’s why, oftentimes victims don’t know they’re being victimized,”  Kathryn Moorehead, Coordinator of the State Task Force, said.

Takeout Tuesday: "Get To Know You" Episode | USC Eats

USC Eats' summer series, Takeout Tuesday, takes their audience around the state to capture some of the biggest food spots for students while they are at home. In their last episode of the series, producers Finn Carlin and Calista Yost give viewers a chance to get to know them off the record, but still on camera.