Best of Carolina » Retail Photo for Best Soda City Vendor: Mary's Arepas
Photo by Suze Garcia-Stam

Best Soda City Vendor: Mary's Arepas

By Gracie Bryant

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Hours: Saturday: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

0.7 miles from the Horseshoe, 4-minute drive from the Horseshoe

Mary’s Arepas is a popular Latin American vendor present at Soda City Market on Saturdays. Maria Romero, the owner of Mary’s Arepas, opened the business in July 2014 as a way to make extra money while also getting to spend more time with their son and daughter.

Now, seven years later, Mary’s Arepas is a Soda City favorite known for bringing authentic Colombian arepas to the Columbia area.

Romero mentioned that they are planning to buy a food truck so that they can offer their delicious food daily. I know I would be thrilled to not have to wait until Saturday for an arepa!

For now, I will continue making my way to Soda City market every Saturday to enjoy the delicious food at Mary’s Arepas, and you should, too!