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Photo by Chloe Caudill

Best Late Night Eats: Eddie's Calzones

By Gracie Bryant

Are you up late studying or hanging out with friends and need a bite to eat? Eddie’s Calzones is just five minutes from campus and offers delivery across Columbia.

Eddie’s offers 60 options — from chicken to veggie — and every calzone is cooked to your specific wants, making it perfect for satisfying your cravings! Plus, if your party has run late into the night and people are hungry, pizza sheets are an option that feed a group of ten.

The founder of Eddie’s Calzones is a New York native and wanted to bring New York food to the south. The Columbia location is one of three locations; others are in Athens and Auburn.

Eddie’s Calzones prides itself on being “The Official Calzone of College,” so be sure to try it for yourself the next time you’re up late and need something other than frozen pizza!