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1801 Live

The University of South Carolina’s Student Government, in partnership with Garnet Media Group, presents 1801 Live: an event and podcast series highlighting UofSC alumni and student organizations, hosted by current Student Body Vice President Hannah White. 1801 Live takes its name from the founding year of the university and aims to spark a collaborative conversation between alumni and current student leaders, as we discuss relevant and controversial topics surrounding our campus.

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WUSC News is a thrice-weekly news show produced in partnership with WUSC-FM, the official student radio station at the University of South Carolina and Garnet Media Group's content partner. Live news shows air on 90.5 FM in the Midlands, streamed via the station's website and are also available on-demand as podcasts.

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Columbia Chronicles

Columbia Chronicles provides in-depth coverage of news and issues important to the greater Columbia community. If you're interested in learning more about our community and how it works, you've come to the right place. It's your chance to better understand how the news may affect you and your life, and all it takes is a few minutes of your time. Columbia Chronicles is produced through a partnership between Garnet Media Group and the University of South Carolina's School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

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Head Start

Head Start is a biweekly news podcast hosted by Erin Slowey, editor-in-chief of The Daily Gamecock, and Ward Jolles, news director at WUSC-FM and SGTV. The show tackles the biggest news topics in South Carolina, but focuses on the local angle with interviews and personal accounts from UofSC students, faculty and staff members.

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Koger Center Arts Roundup

On Koger Center Arts Roundup, Nate Terracio interviews influential members of the arts community in Columbia, South Carolina. The podcast covers fine arts, arts management, production, and much more! KCAR is produced and edited by Lauren Smith, and the theme music was written by Steve Borders.

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The Lead Block

The Lead Block is a traditional sports talk podcast, hosted by Matthew Anderson and Tyler Walters, which brings you local and national sports news and commentary from the capital city of Columbia, South Carolina.

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Passport Playlist

Passport Playlist is a radio show airing every Wednesday from 4 to 6 p.m. on WUSC-FM and produced in partnership with USC's International House at Maxcy. Each episode of the show and podcast revolves around an interview with an international student or faculty member.

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The Patchwork Feminist

A patchwork quilt is comprised of many colors and patterns that come together to create one singular story. The makeup of a woman is the same way. In The Patchwork Feminist, the host, Kayla King, will dive deeper into culture and relevant current events, as well as issues that impact women and women of color specifically.

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PushStart is going to redefine the narrative — from hot topics to facts of life that the general population chooses to ignore, we’re speaking on it! PushStart, hosted by Gabby E and CB3, is a show that embraces the diversity in the city of Columbia and the community at the University of South Carolina. We will be focused on motivation, information and weekly entertainment. Regardless of your destination, everyone needs a Push!

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Sip of Success

Take a sip of success every Monday with Mak and Matt as they dive into topics affecting college students. From the best ways to study to staying on top of your money, every week Mak and Matt talk about how you can be the best student you can be here at UofSC and beyond. Episodes of Sip of Success drop every Monday morning so you can start your week ready to go. Follow us on instagram at @Sip.of.Success for more exclusive and behind-the-scenes content!

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Struggle to Sovereignty

Started by University of South Carolina student Brett Ferguson, The Struggle to Sovereignty is a fitness and lifestyle podcast looking to unify today's society through lofty ideals and impactful stories. Whether it be fitness goals, personal goals, or life struggles, Struggle to Sovereignty is designed to uplift all those involved. New episodes of STS are produced through a partnership with Garnet Media Group. Visit the Struggle to Sovereignty blog for more!

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Sugar Buzz

Two college gals bringing you the buzz out there — but now, sweeter than ever and made with 100% authentic, real ingredients. All the buzz: sugar, small hints of spice & everything nice! Find more info here!

Sugar Buzz is hosted by Lexi Waites and Shelby Johnson and produced by Brendan Lewis. Follow @sugarbuzzpodcast on Instagram for more! 

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Past Podcasts

Pocket Full of Positivity

Think about what you carry around in your pockets every day. The must-haves. Your necessities. On Pocket Full of Positivity, our hosts Prerana, Shelby, Erin and Lexi want positivity to be one of those special items in your back pocket to help you get through the day. Together, they take on life, happiness and how to be and stay positive in college. For behind-the-scenes and bonus content throughout the week, follow the show on Instagram @pfopp!

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Bonus Features

Bonus Features is a discussion podcast about music in modern animated film/media. Host DJ Corduroy discusses the production of the music, how it affects the work, why the work is important, and shares interesting facts/opinions of the animated work.

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On Campus

On Campus is a show about stories and experiences from a college town. Every year, millions of young adults flood into college campuses to get an education, but oftentimes, they come out with more. The University of South Carolina is filled with amazing people doing amazing things, and On Campus aims to tell those stories and more.

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The Cutaway

The Cutaway co-hosts Austin Nix and Max Pegues are proud to present a production delivering comic repartee and incisive commentary arranged from a bevy of domestic policies, foreign policies and maneuverings on Capitol Hill and in the White House. Anticipate whimsical musings on the White House legislative calendar, lighthearted takes on national events, as well as a multilateral approach to foreign affairs and international relations… or something like that.

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The Third Spur: Writer's Room

The Third Spur: Writer’s Room is a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind satirical writing. Third Spur writers Kate, Lee, and Alexander discuss the craziest ideas that have turned into articles and the stories that didn’t make the cut.

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Scarescape is a horror-themed podcast, hosted by Carly Neptune.

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WUngeons & SCragons

Enter the auditory fantasy world of WUngeons & SCragons, a comedic DnD roleplaying show recorded live on the air every Sunday from 2–4 p.m. on WUSC-FM. Sit back and relax as our hosts, Caleb, Kevin, Jordan, Canon, and JT, weave you an improvised tale of magic, mystery, mayhem, and the greatest treasure of all: laughter.

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