Dear Best of Carolina 2024 readers,

Let the games begin! Best of Carolina 2024 is here, and it’s time to award the gold medals! This year, we decided to hold our own Olympics, celebrating the best of the best that Columbia has to offer. Drawing inspiration from the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics, we pitted multi-time champions against emerging up-and-comers in all 52 of our categories!

This edition has it all. From underdog stories to champions defending their titles, it’s all thanks to you. Best of Carolina is one of the most unique publications produced by Garnet Media Group because its contents are directly influenced by YOU — the nominator, the voter and the reader. Each year, we gather your nominations and votes to ensure that your favorites are featured on a podium of excellence.

Personally, acting as the editor-in-chief of Best of Carolina has been an incredible experience. Diving into the core of the Columbia community’s institutions, businesses and organizations has helped me develop a greater appreciation for the work, time and effort that they all give so freely. Every single winner featured in this publication deserves an Olympic gold medal.

I’d like to thank the GMG marketing team — writers, photographers, promotions and copy editors — for their dedication and exemplary work and Assistant Director of Student Media Sydney Cranmer for her guidance and supernatural editing abilities. A special thanks to the GMG designers and their unique ability to make our crazy ideas come to life. 

With that, there’s no need to sprint to the finish line while reading Best of Carolina 2024. Enjoy each and every gold medalist!


Tyler Sprague