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Photo by Lindsey Stack

Best Lunch: Big Bull's Bangin' BBQ

By Gracie Bryant

I am from small-town South Carolina, and sometimes I just need some Southern comfort food. Big Bull’s Bang’n BBQ is the perfect place to go for Southern food at a reasonable price that supports our community business owners!

Their menu includes far too many items to list, but some popular items include their barbecue and ribs with the choice of seven signature sauces. If those don’t fit your taste, they also offer burgers, chicken, wings and more! Plus, if you happen to be able to eat anything else after your meal, their dessert menu is to die for.

Not only is Big Bull’s Bang’n BBQ delicious, but the story of their opening is too precious to go eat anywhere else. According to their website, all of this started in 2013 when ‘Big Bull’ started making sandwiches for his coworkers. In November 2013, while on a date, ‘Mama Bull’ told ‘Big Bull’ he should open a restaurant to which he replied, “No, No ... absolutely, no! That’s like having multiple kids and five additional children!”

Now, six years after opening, Mama Bull was clearly proven right, as Big Bull’s is a must-have in Columbia. I highly recommend going to get some barbecue and other Southern staples at Big Bull’s Bang’n BBQ. Supporting a local business has never tasted so good!