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Dear Best of Carolina 2022 readers,

Whether you’re an incoming student looking for an organization to join, a visiting family wondering where to get lunch after your campus tour, or a Columbia resident searching for somewhere new – this publication is for you! 

We’ve been working to make Best of Carolina 2022 special for over a year, collecting nominations and votes since March 2021. Thanks to our audience sending in the most votes of any Best of Carolina, this year’s publication truly showcases who the UofSC and Columbia communities consider to be the best of the best. 

Last year, I added “editor’s picks” – my personal choice in a variety of categories. The addition of editor’s picks sparked a chain reaction, now bringing in the voices of various UofSC deans and Columbia influencers, like Dawn Staley. I am happy to say that Best of Carolina 2022 recognizes more businesses than ever before, with a heavy emphasis on locally owned businesses! 

This would not be possible without a variety of people – including the writers, photographers, editors and, especially, the design team. Each page takes you on a journey into space because we believe all our winners are “out of this world.” I am speechless over the work this team has done and couldn’t miss the opportunity to say thank you. 

Last but certainly not least – if you have a go-to place in Columbia, nominate them to win Best of Carolina 2023 at garnetmedia.org/bestofcarolina. Follow Garnet Media Group on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on nominations, voting, and the rest of Garnet Media Group’s student-produced work!

- Editor-in-Chief, Best of Carolina 2022

Marketing Director Gracie Bryant