The Patchwork Feminist


A patchwork quilt is comprised of many colors and patterns that come together to create one singular story. The makeup of a woman is the same way. In The Patchwork Feminist, our host, Ariel Meriwether, will dive deeper into culture and relevant current events, as well as issues that impact women and women of color specifically.

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Former hosts: Lyric Swinton and Kayla King. Patchwork Feminist is produced by Olan Domer.

Music: Too Grimy — Yung Kartz

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Season 7

Unconventional Black Hottie

Host Ariel is joined by Ja'Maya and Ayren to chat about life as an unconventional Black girl.

Black Girls & Books

Host Ariel and AAAS President Jada Hudson discuss all things related to books. Includes spoilers!

The Hoco Reunion

Host Ariel Meriwether and former host Kayla King catch up on life and all things Homecoming on this episode of the Patchwork Feminist!

Is This Thing On?

Host Ariel Meriwether jumps back into the podcast with a few quick life updates, homecoming opinions, and the future of the Patchwork Feminist in this episode!

Season 6

Black Music?

Ariel talked with Zack Dunbar and Miles Phifer about their favorite genres, favorite artists, and should Black people only listen to a certain type of music.

New Year, New Host

Ariel introduces herself as the new host for this season. She talks about impostor syndrome as the new host, as a black woman, and at a PWI.

Season 5

See You Later

Kayla and Ariel discuss Kayla’s farewell to the podcast, the end of the semester, reflect on the year, and the future of the podcast.

Prepare for Homecoming

Kayla and Ariel catch up about the semester and prepare for homecoming.

Girl Chat

Kayla and Ariel have a debrief about the current school semester and discuss BUSC homecoming activities.

The Ashework Feminist?

Kayla and Ariel our joined by returning guests Derrick and Tre and new guest Titus to discuss Black masculinity, relationships, dealing with race at a PWI, and much more in this episode

Did You Miss Us?

Kayla and Ariel drive right back into the school year and discuss things like parking, the almost mascot change, and all things BUSC.

Season 4

Why Do Men...?

Tre Harris and Derrick Ashe join Kayla and Ariel to talk about relationships, dating, and a LOT more!

Good Friends Matter

Kayla and Ariel dive into making friends as adults, making friends in BUSC, and what makes a good friend in this new episode.

Culture Catch-Up

Kayla and Ariel discuss Euphoria, Spring Break, Pieces Season, and other recent pop culture events.

Can We Get It Together?

Kayla and Ariel discuss the recent events regarding Turning Point USA at USC, Student Government elections, and diversity and inclusion at USC.

Leave Black Women Alone

In this episode, Kayla and Ariel discuss Lauren Smith-Fields, Calling Black Girls “Fast”, the Over-Sexualization of Black Women, and more!

The Return

Kayla, and her new co-host, Ariel discuss dating within BUSC and more in this new episode.

Red Flags

Kayla and her guest Tre, discuss their red flags.

Mini-Episode 1: Unpopular Food Opinions

In this new mini-episode series, Kayla and her guest, Krishna, discuss unpopular food opinions.

A New Normal

Kayla and her guest, Krishna, discuss the transition to in-person classes and experiencing college during a pandemic.

Season 3

Where Do We Go From Here?

Kayla and her guests, Madison, Tre, Darieon, Krishna, and Marley discuss the recent events in the Black community.

A Nostalgic Moment

Kayla and her guest Santonio talk about some of their favorite childhood TV shows and movies.


Kayla and her guest Courtney discuss Black women's influence in pop culture, social media, and politics.

NO means NO

Kayla and her guest Tayler, a SAVIP advocate at the Center for Health and Wellbeing, discuss sexual assault and the resources on campus for sexual assault survivors.

Black Excellence

Kayla and her guest, Santonio discuss why Black history is important and what Black Excellence means to them.

Title: Black Card Revoked

Kayla and her guests: Marquis, Jawaun, and Eric from the Weight Of The 8 podcast play a fun game of Black Card Revoked.


Kayla and her guests, Rae (Claflin University), Ke’Von (Moorehouse College), Kayla( NCA&T State University), and Ashley (Wofford College) discuss their experiences at their respective universities.

Let's Talk About It: Colorism

Kayla and her guests, Madison, Krishna, Marley, and Abimbola discuss their experiences with colorism within the Black community.

Check out Kayla's guests on Instagram: @maddzz4.0, @Krishnalexander, @mar.jc, @the.bimdom

New Year, New Presidency 

Kayla and her guest, Sarah discuss the US Capitol attack and the recent election of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

It's a Wrap

Kayla and her guest Sarah discuss both the positives and negatives of the year 2020.

Doors to Dream Podcast-a-thon: Dec. 12, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Charleston-based nonprofit Doors to Dream provides after-school leadership development programs to high school students to help them grow and succeed in the community and future. Join us to hear from students that Doors to Dream has worked with and the leadership of the nonprofit about how it has impacted the Charleston and statewide communities, and donate through the link below to support the organization's important work!

Donate to Doors to Dream.

Battle of the Sexes

Kayla and her guest, Jamison discuss the similarities and differences between men and women.

45 & 46

Kayla discusses the ongoing presidential election and this year's voting experience.

Black and LGBTQ+ Part 2

Kayla and her panel of guests: Timothy, Amari, and Hanif continue the conversation about homophobia in the Black community.

Black and LGBTQ+, Part 1

Kayla and her guest Tre discuss issues surrounding homophobia in the Black community.

The Run Down

Kayla discusses pop culture topics from the week.

Playing Games

Kayla and her guest Chris discuss problems with dating in this generation.

How Many of Us Have Them?

Kayla and her guest Sarah discuss dealing with toxic friendships, relationships, and their own toxic traits.

Dear RBG

Kayla discusses the legacy of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Break Every Chain

Kayla discusses dealing with toxic parenting and breaking generational curses from previous generations.

Girl Talk Series: How To Be Confident 101

Kayla and her guest Rae discuss tips on how to be confident and the importance of remaining confident as a woman.

Shoot Ya Shot

Kayla and her guest, Chris, discuss the ins and outs of shooting your shot with a person of interest.

4.0 Season

Kayla discusses the unique circumstances of the 2020-21 school year and provides some back-to-school tips for listeners.

Special Release: This Is AmeriKKKa

In this special edition episode, new host, Kayla, and her friend Colie Mallis discuss the current racial tension in the United States, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and the importance of speaking up about injustice. Other than this special release, the show is on hiatus for the summer and will return in the fall!

Season 2

Bon Voyage

Lyric says her last farewell to The Patchwork Feminist and chats with the new host, Kayla King.

24-Hour Podcast-a-Thon:

Lyric and Hannah White, host of the 1801 Live podcast, co-hosted a 24-hour Podcast-a-Thon to raise money for UofSC COVID-19 Relief with some very special Gamecock guests.

Part 1

Part 1 includes WLTX News Anchor Darci Strickland (2:40-30:48), Mayor of Columbia Steve Benjamin (30:50-57:25), and former Gamecock Football quarterback Perry Orth (1:02:57-1:14:09).

Part 2

Part 2 includes Gamecock Women's Basketball Head Coach Dawn Staley (2:31-41:40), former Student Body President Jotaka Eaddy (41:46-1:44:33), and incoming UofSC Provost Dr. William Tate (1:45:21-2:41:49).

Part 3

Part 3 includes Student Body President Issy Rushton (2:31-1:01:50), UofSC University Ambassadors (1:01:55-1:47:53), and Associate Vice President of Student Life Dr. Anna Edwards (1:48:01-2:37:40).

Part 4

Part 4 includes Speaker of the Student Senate JD Jacobus & Student Body Treasurer Caden Askew (2:40-51:35), UofSC President Bob Caslen (51:38-1:56:43), and Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Dennis Pruitt (1:56:46-2:52:49).

Part 5

Part 5 includes SC politicos and Gamecock alumni Cory Alpert, Lauren Harper, and Taylor Wright (2:44-1:09:41), The Hilinski Family (Kym, Mark, & Ryan) (1:09:44-2:05:10), and SASSGO representatives Shannon Henry, Jordan Dinsmore, & Olivia Hassler (2:05:14-3:00:45).

The Bright Side

On today's episode of The Patchwork Feminist, Lyric and guests Mike Parker and Zachary Dunbar discuss self reflection, accountability, and making lemons out of lemonade.

A New Normal

Lyric and incoming UofSC Provost Dr. William “Bill” Tate discuss adjusting to new normals in higher education, Southern customs, and the future ahead.

The 'Rona Effect

Lyric and guest Aidan Baker return from hiatus and discuss COVID-19's effect on their lives, the university, and the world as a whole.

The Price of Progress

Lyric and returning guest Charles Frazier discuss politics, the rise of misinformation in the media, and the dangers of cancel culture.

Red, White, and Who?

Lyric and guest Ward Jolles talk about the upcoming South Carolina Democratic Primary and their thoughts on the 2020 general election.

Envision This

Lyric and guests Issy Rushton and Hannah White discuss dealing with conflict, the ups and downs of leadership, and being intentional about the teams we build.

Producer's note: Lyric is participating in the Envision campaign during the 2020 Student Government elections. All opinions expressed are solely those of Lyric and the guests, and this episode does not constitute an endorsement or promotion of the Envision campaign by Garnet Media Group.

Family Matters

Lyric's younger brother Michael is a guest on the show for Job Shadowing Day and offers hilarious insight into the minds of today's teenagers.

Behind the Scenes

Lyric and Garnet Media Group's podcast coordinator, Brendan Lewis, discuss the ins and outs of podcasting, how to get started, and ways to get involved!


Lyric and guest Jackson Gates reflect on the life and legacy of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, growing pains, and having childhood heroes.

Oh, the Place You Will Go!

Lyric sits down with guests Grace Badaki and Ngozi Chukwueke to discuss their experiences going abroad, how race and gender factor into their travel plans and funny stories about being overseas.

Resolutions & Rambles

Welcome to season 2 of The Patchwork Feminist! This week, we opened up season two with special guests Reylan Cook and Amelia Wilks, who discuss their resolutions to obtain that 2020 vision.

Season 1

Episode 15 – Bright Horizons

In the season one finale, Lyric recaps favorite moments and guests from the show’s 14 episodes and discusses her excitement for season two!

Episode 14 – 'Tis the Season to be Thankful

Lyric, alongside guests Javin Young and ReiQuan Richard, reflects on the past year, gratitude, growth, and their hopes for the future.

Episode 13 – Great Expectations

Lyric and guests Dr. Shay Malone and Dr. April Scott break down what it means to be a feminist versus a womanist, the portrayal of Black women in literature & the media, and dealing with stereotypes related to race and aggression.

Episode 12 – Woman Up

Lyric and guest Angela O'Neal discuss the progression of women's sports, representation in administrative roles, and the gender pay gap in sports.

Episode 11 – First & Foremost

Lyric and guest Jawaun McClam discuss their experiences as first-generation college students, creating a legacy, and the pressures to succeed with no clear roadmap.

Episode 10 – The Hot Seat

In Episode 10, Lyric is in the hot seat and is interviewed by guest Taylor Wright about everything from the struggles of finding identity, overcoming obstacles, and hilarious first impressions.

Episode 9 – No Permission Needed

Lyric and guest Reylan Cook discuss the highs and lows of mental health, the importance of having a good support system, and the necessity of breaking the stigma around mental health, particularly amongst minorities.

Episode 8 – Paying It Forward

Lyric sat down with her mentor Moryah Jackson to talk about the importance of mentorship, especially among women, and how crucial it is to pay it forward in all stages of life.

Episode 7 – The "What's Next?" Woes

Lyric and guest Becca Ostien talk about the anxieties of figuring out what’s next, overcoming fear, and being excited for the future, whatever it may look like.

Episode 6 – Alpha Female

Guests Amelia Wilks and Tyra Moss join Lyric to discuss what it's like to be a strong woman while leading strong women, the idea of separating your business life from your personal life, and the joys of sisterhood.

Episode 5 – Time and Space

Lyric and guest Charles Frazier break down the definition of safe spaces, why being uncomfortable is sometimes good, and the importance of males being feminists.

Episode 4 – Spirit Check

In Episode 4, Lyric discusses developing self-awareness, combating anxiety, setting intentional goals, prioritizing people over productivity, and finding excitement in the small things.

Episode 3 – Super-WHO?!

Lyric and guest Jessica Terrell chat about the pressures to be "superwoman" at all times, the scariness of saying no, and creating boundaries & prioritizing self-care for yourself and others.

Episode 2 – Which Comes First?

Lyric and special guest Shannen Cloherty unpack the intersections of race & gender, the importance of being an ally to cultural communities other than your own, and standing up for what’s right even when it’s not popular.

Episode 1 – Hot Girl Summer

On Episode 1, Lyric talks about the creation of The Patchwork Feminist, the Hot Girl Summer phenomenon and what’s to come in future episodes.