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For lovers of politics, pop culture, and general college gossip, The M-Word brings you conversations about the Garnet and Black magazine, the media, and more! Join hosts Faith Fulmer and Zane Heinlein every other Friday for the headlines you need to know about, and the stories you have to hear.

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Former Hosts: Alizajane Hicks, Clara Bergeson, Chelsea, Jacob, Raeva, and Savannah

Music: "Western Vestibules" by Blue Sky Moon and "Sad Eyes" by Wikke

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Episode 8: It Stands for Mirror

For the last episode of The M-Word, Zane, and Faith reflect on the spring semester. Be sure to check out Garnet & Black: Unwritten in the fall!

Episode 7: It Stands for Memories

In this episode, Zane and Faith talk about everything nostalgia and their childhood highlights with guest Savannah Nagy.

Episode 6:  It Stands for Mukbang

On this episode, Zane and Faith talk about the release of Garnet & Black Magazine’s Spring 2023 edition, our best and worst concerts, and mukbang trends.

Episode 5: It Stands for Melancholy

On this episode, Zane and Faith talk about the latest with Garnet & Black Magazine, pieces of media that make the tears flow, and spring break shenanigans.

Episode 4: It Stands for Man Down

On this episode, Zane and Faith are joined by G&B Creative Director Savannah Nagy to talk about Garnet & Black’s Spring 2023 edition, Super Bowl halftime shows, and their favorite rom-coms.

Episode 3: It stands for Morality in Media

On this episode, Zane and Faith are joined by Morgan Carter from the G&B Multimedia Team to talk about Garnet & Black’s Spring 2023 edition, the craziness of reality television, and their favorite breakup songs.

Episode 2: It Stands for Music Awards

On this episode, Zane and Faith bring on a special guest, Shakeem Jones, from Garnet & Black Magazine, debate Grammy Nominations, and discuss the importance of music.

Episode 1: It Stands for Migos

Welcome to Season 3 of The M-Word featuring new hosts Zane and Faith! Tune in to hear the two talk about Garnet & Black Magazine’s Fall 2022 Print edition, Wendell & Wild transforming the stop-motion genre, Taylor Swift’s record-breaking album, and the death and legacy of Takeoff. All that and more on The M-Mord.

Episode 11: Mags, Motions, Memories

For our last episode of this school year, we talk about our favorite pieces in the latest print edition and our hopes for the future of G&B!

Episode 10: What Happened at the Oscars, Do You Know?

Today we talked about all things Oscars! If you want to know our opinions on the best and worst of the night, tune in!

Episode 9: Hopes, Dreams, and Guilty Pleasures

Listen as we indulge in our guilty pleasures and discuss our hopes and dreams for print!

Episode 8: Feeling Euphoric

Sit down with us and hear about an exciting upcoming project, love and relationship milestones, and crazy, quirky, and fun Euphoria season finale predictions *SPOILER ALERT*

Episode 7: Having a Bowl of Comfort

This week, we sat down and talked about the news cycle for the semester. Then, we talked about TikTok star Axel Webber!

Episode 6: New Year and Still Here

In this episode, we discuss our new year resolutions. We also talk about the newest season of Euphoria and Spider-man!

Episode 5: Winding Down

In this episode, we talk about finals, how not to burn out, and what the tea is with Anthony Ramos.

Episode 4: Aware of Pop

This week we talk about what's happening in pop culture from Adele to the new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer.

Episode 3: New Crew, New Site, and New Magazine

In this episode, we introduce a new podcasts host, talk about a refurbished site for G&B magazine, and the print edition of the magazine coming out!

Episode 2: It Stands for Mary Jane

Content warning: discussion of mental health issues, sexual assault and child endangerment

This week, join hosts and special guest Nick Sullivan as we talk about Harry Styles' budding relationship, Britney Spears conservatorship court battle, Emmy nominations, the cancellation of Drake Bell and the beautiful Sha’Carri Richardson.

Season 2, Episode 1: It Stands for Mojo Jojo is Too Camp

We’re back! Catch up on everything you’ve missed since summer started with our special guest Hannah Wade. From a new royal baby, to Lorde’s new album, we talk about Lilibet, Solar Power, Simone Biles and the horrendous live action Powerpuff Girls!

Episode 5: The M-Word (Taylor's Version)

CW: Discussion of eating disorders. This week, follow along our print edition as we talk about retro trends, disordered eating on campus and the one and only Taylor Swift.

Episode 4: It Stands for Montero

Our print edition is coming out! Join us in discussing the #fireallabusors movement, the COVID vaccine roll out, tangible items, men in dresses, and the Lil Nas X controversy.

Episode 3: It Stands for Mommy Issues

Trigger Warning: Discussion of sexual assault and violence against women. This week for Woman's History Month we cover spring breaks, the GRAMMYs, and the dangers women face with special guest Shaira Nixon!

Episode 2: It Stands for Misogyny

Happy Women’s History Month! This week we cover burnout, mom jeans, pick me girls, and womanhood with special guest special guest PR director Taylor Richardson!

Episode 1: It Stands for Magazine

From love day to Golden Globe nominations, we talk about Valentine’s Day, the Squishmallow trend, Biden’s administration, and "Queen's Gambit"!