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Take a sip of success every Monday with Mak and Matt as they dive into topics affecting college students. From the best ways to study to staying on top of your money, every week Mak and Matt talk about how you can be the best student you can be here at UofSC and beyond. Episodes of Sip of Success drop every Monday morning so you can start your week ready to go.

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Ep. 43: Starting a Club

On this episode of Sip of Success, Mak sits down with Grace Towery, the President of service sorority Epsilon Sigma Alpha and Girl Up to discuss founding a club at UofSC and time management.

Ep. 42: Undergraduate Research Part 2

On today’s episode, Mak and Matt sit down with Julie Morris, the Director of the Office of Undergraduate at UofSC and Abby Chapin, a Research Ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Research. They talk about the many opportunities available in the office and how students can get involved with research during their time at UofSC.

Ep. 41: Undergraduate Research

Mak sits down with her research director Dr. Reisman to discuss undergraduate research and graduate school.

Ep. 40: Busiest People We Know: Sophie Gilliam

On today’s episode, Matt sits down with Sophie Gilliam, a junior honors nursing student at UofSC. She'll talk about how she stays on top of a busy schedule between class, nursing clinicals, two jobs and serving in multiple leadership positions on campus.

Ep. 39: Advocating in the Workplace

On today’s episode, Mak and Matt sit down with Sloan Wilson, a peer leader with the Career Center at UofSC. In addition to discussing her work with the Career Center, Sloan talks about how to advocate for yourself in the workplace as an intern. Sloan is involved with a lot activism and is very active in a variety of campus organizations.

Ep. 38: Career Center

On today’s episode, Mak and Matt sit down with Rebecca D’Attilio, the experiential education manager at UofSC’s Career Center. They'll talk about what resources they have to offer and overall tips for success when it comes to finding an internship or post graduate career, no matter the field.

Ep. 37: Networking for Success

On today’s episode, Mak and Matt sit down with Lauren Charney and Caroline Reidl from Vanderbilt University. Caroline is an incoming intern at McKinsey & Company and Lauren is an incoming software intern at Apple. Listen to hear their tips on networking with intent to leverage your connections for a career.

Ep. 36: Burnout Part 2

On today's episode, Mak and Matt talk with Mak's roommate Catherine Denny. Catherine pledged AKPsi last year and interns at the South Carolina Department of Commerce all while being a full-time student. Catherine discusses the burnout associated with being a working student and staying involved on-campus.

Ep. 35: Burnout in the Newsroom

On today's episode, Mak and Matt sit down with Erin Slowey, former editor of the Daily Gamecock, and Christine Bartruff, current editor of the Daily Gamecock, to talk about burnout and what their newsroom and staff did to combat it. In the fall, the DG went dark for a week to bring awareness to burnout culture and give their staff a break. This is episode is one of a two part series on burnout and what you can do to combat burnout culture in your personal and professional life.

Ep. 34: The Lettuce Club

Join Matt today as he talks with Kale Houck about her starting the Lettuce Club, UofSC's competitive lettuce eating club.

Ep. 33: Ethical Volunteering

Interested in making a difference? Join Mak as she talks to student leader Jensen Smith about what it means to be an ethical volunteer.

Ep. 32: Mindfulness 101

This week Matt and Mak sit down with Justina Siuba, Stress Management Program Coordinator in the Center for Health and Wellbeing at UofSC, to discuss mindfulness. What exactly is mindfulness? Listen to what Justina has to say and how being mindful every day can help stress, anxiety, and more! Resources mentioned this week: Insight Timer App and Ten Percent Happier App. 

Important Links:

Ep. 31: Study Smart

On this week's episode, Mak and Matt talk about how to study in a remote learning world. From places to study to getting in the right mindset, learning via Zoom is a whole new ballgame. Listen for tips on how to stay on top of studying during a virtual semester. 

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Ep. 30: The Future of Note Taking

This week Matt and Mak sit down with Rachael May, senior exercise science major and Panhellenic President, to talk about using an iPad for note taking. Rachael's favorite app for note-taking on the iPad is Goodnotes, which is available for purchase in the app store.

Ep. 29: The Importance of Budgeting

In this week's episode, Matt and Mak discuss different ways to keep track of your money and how to stay financially healthy. The two talk about many budgeting techniques they use and money apps that help them stay on track throughout the semester and during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ep. 28: Academic and Financial Success

What's the importance of financial and academic success? How do the two go hand-in-hand? Listen to this week's episode to learn why financial stability and academic success are critical to your overall well-being as a student. Matt and Mak discuss why each topic on every episode is important for all college students.

Ep. 27: Busiest People We Know: Clare McTighe

Mak interviews her friend Clare McTighe, the busiest person she knows. Mak and Clare discuss the importance of getting involved and being organized.

Ep. 26: Peer Leadership

On this episode, Mak and Matt sit down with Audrey and Cara to talk about how to be a peer leader. Being a peer leader isn’t just an employment position, but something we can all be in our everyday life as leaders to those around us. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @sip.of.success.

Ep. 25: Busiest People We Know — Jeanine

On this episode, Mak and Matt sit down with one of the busiest people they know, Jeanine! Jeanine is a third-year marketing and international business student at UofSC. Jeanine is a brother of Sigma Omega Upsilon Business Fraternity, member and past exec member of the American Marketing Association, has held two internships in college here in Columbia, and also has her own Instagram account for book reviews! Listen to today’s episode to hear how Jeanine stays on top of her busy schedule. Look forward to more episodes like this for our new series, "Busiest People We Know"!

Ep. 24: Successful Online Learning

Mak and Matt discuss online learning with Ailish Cafferty, a senior peer consultant who is an expert in all things online learning. We discuss emailing teachers, strategies to help you prepare and a lot more!

Ep. 23: We're back!

Hello everyone! Matt and Mak are back after a summer hiatus but are more ready than ever for our second academic year with Sip of Success. Today, we are looking back at how we got started, what some of our favorite episodes have been, and how we adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. We're also excited to share some of our upcoming episode ideas and what you can look forward to this year.

Ep. 22: COVID-19 Budgeting & Resources

This week, Matt and Mak talk with Matt’s boss in the Student Success Center, Rachel Sinoway, about how to stay on top of your finances right now with potential loss of income. Learn what resources are available to you as a student and what UofSC is offering for students right now.

Our summer publishing schedule will be less frequent, but we are excited to still be able to record remotely and have some great guests lined up for the summer!



UofSC Covid-19 Relief Fund

Ep. 21: Job Search During COVID-19

This week, Matt and Mak sit down with Shirisha Mudunuri, Career Services Manager of the College of Information and Communications, to talk about how to find a job or internship during this challenging time. Shirisha also discusses other ways you can stay busy this summer to stay competitive in the job market. Several of the webinars Shirisha mentioned are linked below!

Job Search Webinar (featuring Weber Shandwick): 

Interviewing Webinar (led by Andrew McLean, Inventus Media):

Ep. 20: Finals Week

Happy ~virtual~ finals week! Things are definitely looking different for all of us this round of finals, but it doesn’t mean you should let that get the best of you. On this week's episode, Matt and Mak talk about how things look different for courses and some ways to adapt to not being able to use spaces like the library and study groups to prep for finals. The app of the week this week is “Forest” to help you stay focused and challenge your friends.

Ep. 19: Interview with Professor Ostergaard

Following the coronavirus outbreak and UofSC’s response, SoS will be interviewing several professors about their own response to online classes and how they are adapting and keeping their students engaged. Today's episode is with Dr. Daniel Ostergaard, clinical associate professor in the international business program at UofSC. Dr. Ostergaard teaches several IB classes and leads the IB Student Outreach Group, which has held various “virtual” events since the campus closure to bring students and alumni together. Listen to this week's episode to see how Dr. Ostergaard is keeping his students engaged in and out of virtual classes!

Ep. 18: Interview with Dr. Kevin Hull

Following the coronavirus outbreak and UofSC’s response, SoS will be interviewing several professors about their own response to online classes and how they are adapting and keeping their students engaged. Today’s episode is with Dr. Kevin Hull, professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Dr.Hull teaches several courses including in sports broadcast. Dr.Hull discusses challenges and obstacles to moving a hands on course centered around a topic that does not exist right now, sports, to an online format.

Ep. 17: Interview with Professor Devlin

Following the coronavirus outbreak and UofSC’s response, SoS will be interviewing several professors about their own response to online classes and how they are adapting and keeping their students engaged. Today’s episode is with professor Tina Marie Devlin, a UofSC alumni, professor for global health, and a health coordinator with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Ep. 16: Virtual Resources During COVID-19

This week, Matt and Mak had the opportunity to sit down with several campus staff members from departments across UofSC to discuss what virtual resources their offices are offering now and how they may expand in the future. Check out this week's guests and links to their offices below:

Ep. 15: Working From Home

On today’s episode, Mak and Matt talk to Erin Slowey, editor-in-chief of The Daily Gamecock, and Craig Clyburn, sales consultant with Crown Lift Trucks, to discuss the implications of COVID-19 on students and the workforce. They also discuss what the future of academia and the day-to-day functions for workers will be after the current crisis and some helpful tips for making the most of life stuck at home.

Ep. 14: Superhero Syndrome

On today’s podcast, Mak and Matt, sit down with Amelia Wilks and Jawaun McClam to talk about superhero syndrome. What is superhero syndrome? Superhero syndrome is essentially when you become way to over involved in everything you are doing to the point where you are not putting in all you can so every single one of your priorities. Amelia and Jawaun walk us through how they have dealt with superhero syndrome to burnout and overcoming these obstacles in college.

Ep. 13: Spring Break on a Budget

Don’t come back from spring break with an empty wallet! On today’s episode, a special Thursday release, Matt and Mak give their top tips for saving money when headed on vacation for spring break! Sip of Success won't be releasing an episode on Monday, March 9, since USC will be on spring break, but we'll return to our normal schedule on Monday, March 16!

What we’re sipping on: Cool Bean’s Perfect Man 

Our rating: 5 out of 5

App of the week: Yelp & Groupon

Ep. 12: What’s your Personal Brand?

How do you make yourself stand out when applying to jobs, internships, or grad school and marketing your personal brand. No matter what your studying or want to do for a career, today’s episode will help you learn how you can start creating your own personal and professional brand.

What we’re sipping on: Homemade cold-brew and CFA Sweet tea 

Our Rating: Matt 3 out of 5; Mak 5 out of 5

Ep. 11: Grocery Savings

Spending too much eating out or maybe you don’t have time to cook at home? Listen to this week's episode to find out about how you can make the most of every dollar at the grocery store, plan your meals ahead of time, and learn your options for food shopping.

What we’re sipping on: Peace Tea
Our rating: Not coffee, but good

Ep. 10: The Experts

Today we sit down with the experts. Mak’s coworkers Corey and Mia as well as Mak’s boss from UofSC’s Student Success Center join us to talk about how you can be the best student you can be. We ask them how they stay on top of a busy schedule with work, classes, and extracurriculars as well as some of the best ways they study and get motivated. Get your semester back on track with this week's episode.

What we’re sipping on: Starbucks Pink Drink

Our rating: Not coffee, but five out of five sips

Ep. 9: App$

Let’s get smart with money. Today we have guest Bryant Sasser, a Masters of Accountant student here at UofSC. Matt and Mak sit down with Bryant to talk about the best personal finance and investment apps you can start using today.

What we’re sipping on: Panera House Blend 

Our rating: 5 out of 5 sips

Apps of the week:

Mint, EveryDollar, Cleo, Robinhood, Stash, Acorns

Ep. 8: SMART Goals

Having trouble setting goals for the semester? Join Matt & Mak as they discuss SMART and SMARTER goals to set your semester off right!

Sipping on: Coffee from Mak’s apartment

Our rating: 10 out of 10 sips – Mak needs to open a coffee shop

Ep. 7: Get Motivated

We’re back for another semester and today we are focusing on motivation! How do you stay motivated for the semester? Hear what Mak has to say about staying motivated and getting a jumpstart on your semester.

What we’re sipping on: Dunkin hazelnut and caramel iced coffee

Our rating: Mixed feelings

App of the week: Syllabuddy

Ep. 6: Holiday $pending

The holidays can be stressful, and gift giving and spending money only adds to that stress. Go into this holiday season of spending with some advice from Matt on what you can do to make sure you spend with intention and don’t break the bank.

What we’re sipping on: Starbucks and Red Bull

Our rating: Mixed feelings

App of the week:


Ep. 5: ~Exams Vibe Check~

In this week's episode, Mak and Matt talk about all things exams! From exam motivation and mindset, calculating your grade, and the best study methods, you’re sure to get something out of this week's episode to help you this exam season.

What we’re sipping on: Immaculate Consumption (iced coffee & the Concentration) 

Our rating: 5 out of 5 sips

App of the week: 



Ep. 4: Entertainment Internships

In this week's episode, Matt and Mak sit down with friends Olivia, Ishani, and Brendan and talk about internships they have held in the entertainment industry. They also talk about finding internships that might not be looking for UofSC students and how to utilize your network.

What we’re sipping on: Starbucks Christmas blend 

Our rating: 5 out of 5 sips

App/website of the week: LinkedIn

Ep. 3: Managing Your Money

In this week's episode, our hosts Mak and Matt discuss common financial struggles for college students and how you can start turning your personal finances in the right direction today. If you're interested in anything from saving some money to being smart with a credit card, be sure to listen to this week's episode.

What we’re sipping: Cool Beans Coffee Co. Thanksgiving blend

Our rating: 5 out of 5 sips

App of the week: Mint

Ep. 2: Tick Tock

In this week's episode, Mak and Matt discuss how you can manage your time, trouble they've run into while keeping a busy schedule, and how you can make the most out of every minute of your day.

What we’re sipping: Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea house blend

Apps & website of the week:
Google Calendar

Ep. 1: Introductions!

In the first episode of Sip of Success, our hosts Mak and Matt introduce themselves, describe how the idea for Sip of Success came about, and discuss some of the things they hope to accomplish with the podcast before jumping into talking about some of their own academic and financial struggles so far in college.

What we're sipping: Drip's Ethiopian blend (with two locations in Columbia)

App of the week: LastPass password manager