PushStart is going to redefine the narrative — from hot topics to facts of life that the general population chooses to ignore, we’re speaking on it! PushStart, hosted by Gabby E and CB3, is a show that embraces the diversity in the city of Columbia and the community at the University of South Carolina. Every Friday, we will be focused on motivation, information and weekly entertainment. Regardless of your destination, everyone needs a Push!

PushStart is hosted by Christen Bennett and Gabrielle Edwards and produced and edited by Brendan Lewis.


Episode 4: Open Season

You only run out of options when you stop looking for them. Today’s conversation details situations to be involved in and those to avoid. Concern turns to ideas and ideas turn to change. Just as long as you keep pushing, that’s what we’re about at PushStart. Are you ready for some real talk?

Episode 3: UnSCene

"The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear your whole body will be full of light (Matthew 6:22). Today's show brings light to some things you knew about college, but also things you didn't. From black history to pop culture Gabby E and Chris10 discuss some real challenges that are typically hidden from the eye of the public. Are you ready for some real talk? It all begins right here with PushStart!

Episode 2: Push Play

After being away, Chris10 and Gabby E catch you up on the latest news, where you'll hear all the latest trends and some really interesting Valentine's Day stories. From motivation to topics that are not talked about, we will definitely push play on all you need to know to start your weekend off right!

Episode 1: Who We Are

Episode 1 is a quick dive into motivation, getting to know your hosts, and some conventional stereotypes that millennials face each and every day. While learning how people view the world, it allows us to push the narrative that things aren’t always what they seem. Yet and still, sometimes discussing touchy topics requires a Push! This is PushStart, are you ready?