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Think about what you carry around in your pockets every day. The must-haves. Your necessities. On Pocket Full of Positivity, our hosts Prerana, Shelby, Erin and Lexi want positivity to be one of those special items in your back pocket to help you get through the day. Together, they take on life, happiness and how to be and stay positive in college.

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On the 19th episode of Pocket Full of Positivity, Prer hosted Bailey Wessellman, a certified yoga instructor. They talked about different types of yoga and how the practice helps stimulate the mind and body. Tune in for an interesting conversation and we look forward to Season 2 launching in January!

Busy Babes: Modern Love — Hi babes! On today’s episode, Shelby & Lexi discuss the ever-so-interesting topic of what love is in the modern age. Listen to hear more on how they believe cups of tea, shots of whiskey, cinema, and the digital age shift the world of romance in 2019. Erin discusses highlights from the CMA awards and all things Harry Styles.

This week on the podcast, Prer hosted Emily Rich, a fitness and food blogger! They talked about local good eats, intuitive eating, not worrying about calories, the balance in college between healthy eating/exercise and gym confidence.

Busy Babes: Turkey Season & British Accents — Hi babes! On this rainy day episode, Shelby & Lexi discuss the mundane month of November, Turkey SZN, the art of decisiveness, and finding simplicity in day-to-day life. Erin touches on the many concerts in Columbia during the week of Halloween. Tune in to hear more about Lex’s feud with cats, pretending to be British, and all things Tame Impala.

On this episode of Pocket Full of Positivity, Prer hosted senior public health student Myles Keener. Myles is a highly involved pre-med student who’s involvement includes, but isn’t limited to, being a member of Lamda Chi Alpha Fraternity, an undergraduate research assistant, Phi Delta Epsilon Pre-Med Fraternity as well as being the president of the UofSC Clemson Blood Drive. Myles and Prer discuss how to handle the stress of college and balancing social life while being positive mentally along the way.

On this weeks episode of Pocket Full of Positivity, Prer hosted Matt Weathersby. Matt is a senior media arts major who has made quite the name for himself both on local and national levels in the world of videography. In his free time, you can find Matt going on adventures with his two huskies, traveling to exotic locations and shooting weddings. Check out his words of wisdom in this episode!

Busy Babes: Romantic Comedies & Manifestation — Hey babes! On this episode Shelby & Lexi chat about their recent encounter with the law of attraction and how manifesting positive vibes in their day to day lives has come back to them these past couple of weeks. Tune in to hear about the best romantic comedies, pumpkins, and candy apples. Erin also touches on some hot topics in the world of music.

This week, PFOP hosted three girls from the UofSC Equestrian Team! We discussed how they balance school work along with their varied practice schedules, and how teamwork pushes them to be the best versions of themselves. We also touched on how the sport is judged, and what behind the scenes effort looks like to come home to Carolina with a win.

Busy Babes: Hot Takes — Hi, babes! This episode Shelb&Lex chat about the fad of sad songs, our favorite songs on Taylor Swift’s new album, Lex tries to get Shelby to move to Atlanta, why “boy” things and “girl” things expired and their weekend girls' trip to Athens, Georgia, for the UGA game!

On the first episode of Pocket Full of Positivity's student athlete panel series, Prer got the scoop on a “day in the life" of a track athlete and the lessons the guests have learned from their sport. She digs deep into the life of a college athlete and finds out what it's like to balance academics and athletics.

Busy Babes: Caffeine Buzz — Catch up with our babes on the latest trends in: business, consumerism, music, pop culture news and positivity. Hosts Erin, Shelby, and Lexi give their impressions and takeaways from the week.

Busy Babes: Smart Girl Semester — Hey babe, you’re busy? Us too; catch up with our babes on the latest trends in: business, consumerism, music, pop culture news and positivity. Hosts Erin, Shelby, and Lexi will dive deep into these topics giving their impressions and their takeaways from the week. Busy Babes is a new segment within the Pocket Full of Positivity podcast.

On this special crossover episode with another Garnet Media Group podcast, Struggle to Sovereignty, host Prerana is joined by STS hosts Brett Ferguson and Jack Taylor. They discuss how they started their podcasts, how they met, and the challenge of thinking and staying positive each and every day.

On Episode 6, we had a special guest, Meg Daly. We discussed how to be proactive in order to live a positive lifestyle, the importance of exuding kindness always, being the bigger person, and acknowledging others’ feelings.

On Episode 5, we did a Q&A with USC seniors Taryn Mclees & Layla Sharifi. They talked about their journeys of going through college and the wisdom they found along the way.

On Episode 4, we discuss our freshmen years of college, getting to know ourselves better, Harry Potter, how our childhood hobbies shaped us, and ending the stigma of being “weird.”

On Episode 3, we discuss finals season in college, how to allow yourself to be spontaneous in the midst of stress, growing through challenges, and thinking creatively.

On Episode 2, we discuss how to accept things for what they are, how to find the positive in the mundane, understanding how to be kind and make genuine friends in college, loving yourself before loving someone else, and what it means to be a woman in 2019.

On Episode 1, we talk about how important being authentic with our listeners is to us, how everyone met each other, our personal insecurities, social media, how we handle stress in college, and how to get more involved at UofSC.


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