Culture Jam

No industry is more deeply ingrained in our culture than music is. From the songs we play on repeat to the artists we idolize, music is the ultimate expression of who we are as individuals and as a society. Join host Zoe Francesca as she takes a look at the musical icons who have made the music scene what it is and analyze the cultural influences that make her who she is.

Audio editor: Anna Zelenski

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S2E4 - Dytrip

Zoe chats with local Columbia rapper, producer, and DJ Dytrip about navigating the industry as a multi-faceted creative.Keep up with Dytrip on Instagram @thisisdytrip and Zoe @zo.francesca.

S2E3 - Women in Music

In this episode, Zoe takes some time in honor of Women’s History Month to highlight some female artists she’s looked up to in her life.

S2E2: Film Music & Euphoria

Jordan Coleman joins Zoe to discuss the importance of your favorite movie and TV soundtracks and scores as they break down the music of the pilot episode of Euphoria.

S2E1: The Third Floor

Zoe chats with The Third Floor about finding a community as a freshman band, the thrill of performing live, and annoying their dorm neighbors.
Keep up with The Third Floor on Instagram @thethirdfloorband and Zoe @zo.francesca.

Ep. 7: Return & Wellness

Zoe’s back in this mini-episode where she reflects on some songs that have been important to her and her mental health throughout the years.

Ep. 6: Childish Gambino, the Internet, & OUTEREGO

Levi Zwiernikowski joins Zoe to discuss Childish Gambino, all the different roles he’s excelled in, and how he has become the quintessential star of the digital age. Zoe chats with OUTEREGO about navigating a pandemic as a band, exploding laptops, and the interesting people you meet at gigs.

Ep. 5: Melanie Martinez, Gender Roles, & Head Hunch8

Tyler Ricks joins Zoe to discuss Melanie Martinez, her perspective on women’s issues, and how she inserts social commentary into her conceptual albums. Zoe chats with Head Hunch8 about the stigma around rapping, starting a record label, and making a name for South Carolina in the music scene.

Ep. 4: U2, Activism, & Kenzie McCarter

Jack Calvery joins Zoe to discuss U2, their weaving of music with philanthropy, and the importance of musicians taking interest in world issues. Zoe chats with Kenzie McCarter about moving down south, processing relationships and experiences with songwriting, and channeling faith through music.

Ep. 3: Halsey, Identity, & Bear Ley

Jada Mack (@jada__mack) joins Zoe to discuss Halsey, her latest album Manic, and the complexities of trying to portray a sincere personal image to the public. Zoe chats with Bear Ley about finding community in the music scene, channeling nature and relationships into music, and being a farmer musician boy.

Ep. 2: The Beatles, Boy Bands, & Cooper Smithson

Reid and Zoe discuss the Beatles, Beatlemania, and the birth of the boy band craze. Zoe chats with local artist Cooper Smithson about the importance of album cover art, creativity in a pandemic, & more.

Ep. 1: Harry Styles & Male Femininity

Our hosts, Reid and Zoe, introduce themselves and what they'll be talking about in future episodes of Culture Jam. To start off, we discuss Harry Styles, his unprecedented Vogue cover, and the concepts of androgyny and gender-nonconforming fashion in the music industry.