Photo for Best Hair Salon: Vivid! Cut, Color, Style
Photo by Jada Mack

Best Hair Salon: Vivid! Cut, Color, Style

By Violet Raftery

If you are in need of a fresh cut or new hairstyle, try stopping by Vivid: Color Cut Style on Harden Street, the winner of the Best Hair Salon in Columbia.

Vivid is a “full-service hair salon, specializing in creative color in cuts,” shop owner, stylist and educator Lydia Catherine said. 

Her salon is customer-centered and emphasizes fostering a friendly atmosphere.

“We have created this great all-inclusive, comfortable and accepting space for people to just express and be themselves,” Catherine said.

And the Best of Carolina voters proved that’s how they feel as well.

“It is such a great feeling to know that so many people in Columbia support us and want us to thrive,” Catherine said.

The salon offers a variety of services for everyone, regardless of hair length, color or texture. The Vivid stylists give customers their desired look, whether that be super short or crazy colorful.

If you do not want anything long-lasting but could use some help styling for a special occasion, Vivid can give you the up-do or blowout you need.