Photo for Best Professor: Milan Dhameja

Best Professor: Milan Dhameja

By Alicia Caracciolo

Some people are easily excited about science, while others avoid it at all costs. Luckily for all students, Professor Dhameja is here to help all students better understand biology! Professor Dhameja has taught at the university for over a decade, and this is his second year winning Best Professor.

In his class, he compares scientific phenomena to real life examples to help students understand the material. He finds ways to tie seemingly unimportant information to topics covered in the class, fostering a deeper type of learning. According to first-year neuroscience student Camden Svec, he makes an effort to personally connect with his students and makes himself available for conversations. 

“He has helped me truly understand very specific aspects of biology, even with his unorthodox teaching methods!” said Svec.