Photo for Best Piercing Shop: Immaculate Piercing

Best Piercing Shop: Immaculate Piercing

By Grace Farrar

Before Immaculate Piercing opened its doors in 2007, owner Sarah Wooten had a vision for the studio — and the perfect name to describe it.

“It means perfectly, unquestionably, spotlessly clean,” Wooten said. “It seemed a good fit for how we do what we do.”

She set out to provide the Columbia community with a reputable piercing studio, and Immaculate Piercing is still going strong 16 years later.

Immaculate Piercing offers a wide array of services, but the most popular is earlobe piercing — they did almost 1,000 last year. Other popular piercings include the helix, nostril, conch and tragus.

Appointments are required and they fill up fast, so be sure to book in advance! There are limited hours for walk-in jewelry shopping each week.

Their pricing varies, but each piercing has a service and jewelry fee. If you want multiple piercings in one appointment, there is a $10 discount on each additional piercing. Regardless of what piercing you get, you can be sure you’re getting the best service in town.

“Our core belief is that everyone deserves safe, appropriately performed piercings, with quality jewelry that can last a lifetime, delivered by friendly people in a welcoming atmosphere,” Wooten said.