Photo for Best Place for a Fancy Dinner: Hall's Chophouse

Best Place for a Fancy Dinner: Hall's Chophouse

By Violet Raftery

If you are searching for your next dinner date destination or simply want to get all dressed up to go out with friends, Halls Chophouse on Main Street is the spot for you.

Their main attraction is their specialty steak. A customer’s many options include filet mignon, dry-aged steaks, New York strip steaks, ribeye steaks, porterhouse steaks and more.

While Halls is a chophouse at heart, their menu offers a variety for everyone to enjoy — from salad to seafood to dessert.

The interior of the restaurant itself has a friendly, comfortable environment, too.

“Halls Chophouse had it all: the finest steaks money could buy, an extensive wine list, hearty family-style sides — but it was the service and warmth of the staff that set them apart,” their website says.

Halls was first established in Charleston in 2009, and they have expanded to Greenville, Nexton, and — of course — Columbia.

They are open every day of the week, serving brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert and drinks. And they are ready to host your next special occasion.