Photo for Best Coffee Shop: Cool Beans Coffee Co.
Photo by Simon Talluri

Best Coffee Shop: Cool Beans Coffee Co.

By Alicia Caracciolo

For the 11th consecutive year, Cool Beans Coffee Co. has claimed its title as the Best Coffee Shop. 

For 26 years, Cool Beans has provided USC students with a place to relax, study and hang out with friends. 

Surrounded by university buildings in a location that has always historically been a coffee shop, Cool Beans’ late hours allow students the opportunity to either study or socialize in a comfortable environment whenever they please. 

Cool Beans is a shop that speaks for itself. The shop does not advertise beyond selling t-shirts, which showcases the reputation of the shop, as when students talk about good places to gather near campus, Cool Beans is the main topic of conversation. 

However, Cool Beans sells more than just coffee. Its menu features non-coffee beverages, as well as breakfast and lunch food items, so there is something for everyone who comes.

One of the store's managers, Hunter Richardson, was a customer of Cool Beans for almost 10 years before working there, so employees of the shop care about the environment they create because most of them were customers first. 

Cool Beans truly creates a homey environment for its customers, which may be why it has won its title of the best since the category’s creation.