Photo for Best On-Campus Study Spot: Thomas Cooper Library
Photo by Tyler Sprague

Best On-Campus Study Spot: Thomas Cooper Library

By Tyler Sprague

There is no doubt that the Thomas Cooper Library — better known as T-Coop — is the best place to study on campus, but with so many floors and endless hallways, where is the actual best study spot? Having spent a lot of time in the library, my go-to spot is floor 4.

The fourth floor is home to the infamous Tech Coops. These rooms are often booked, but if you manage to get a reservation, they are the best places to study. They can house anywhere from three to five people, have a fully usable TV and charging ports and even controllable air conditioning and lighting. While not the quietest floor, people are quite respectful with the volume of their voices.

All of this creates what I believe to be the best study environment in T-Coop.