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Photo by Emily Neglia

Best Sports Venue: Williams Brice Stadium

By Emily Neglia

The marching band is playing and Cocky is hyping up the crowd. Rally towels fill the sky as “Sandstorm” plays. Yells of “GAME” and “COCKS” echo from one side of the stadium to another. Fireworks light up the sky as a rooster crows over the loudspeakers in celebration of every touchdown.

Regardless of whether it’s your first or 100th time walking into the Williams-Brice Stadium for a Carolina football game, there are no words to accurately describe the joyous sensation Willy-B holds. If you haven’t experienced a game day inside of Willy-B, you need to get your hands on tickets!

When Williams-Brice Stadium was first built in 1934 only 17,600 fans could be seated inside. Now on a fall Saturday over 80,000 fans are packed inside to cheer on their Carolina Gamecocks. Whether the sun is scorching down at 90 degrees or there is a torrential downpour, students, alumni and die-hard Gamecock fans will fill the stadium!

UofSC students can request football tickets through the Gamecock Rewards app. Families, alumni, and fans can all find more information on obtaining football tickets at