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Photo by Emily Neglia

Best Clothing Store: Urban Outfitters

By Emily Neglia

There is no better place to go shopping for the latest trends than Urban Outfitters (UO). UO is a retailer known for their unique products, creativity and trendy pieces. While routinely updating their collections and holding on to their staple pieces, Urban Outfitters is the place to go to find the perfect outfit.

Urban Outfitters is more than just another clothing store. They sell everything from jeans to dresses, sweaters to tank tops, and a multitude of accessories, but buyers are always surprised with their other
collections. UO has a successful line of home décor that fit the same trendy and creative vibe their clothes do. They also sell some beauty supplies and party games that work as great small gifts!

Although many believe that Urban Outfitters is a store for women and trendy teens, they actually have clothing and items for everyone. Their products are mainly targeted towards high schoolers and college students, but some of their basics are ageless and can be worn by anyone!

That sweater you have been eying through the window display for a week may have a higher price tag than anticipated, but UO is always having sales! Whether it’s on the sale rack, or just a sale on specific items, you can almost always find what you’re looking for at a discounted price.

Urban Outfitters is conveniently located in the Vista, so next time you are walking around popping in and out of stores, hop into Urban and see what cute outfit you will leave with!