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Photo by Suze Garcia-Stam

Best Bookstore: UofSC Barnes and Noble Bookstore

By Torre Borowsky

Whether you’re a current student at UofSC, an alum or visiting campus, the UofSC Barnes & Noble Bookstore is your one-stop-shop to get everything and anything you could need. Located in Russell House, the UofSC Bookstore has everything you could want, from water bottles and dog collars, to “UofSC Parent” stickers and textbooks.

Among all the clothing and souvenirs, you will find exactly what you need to prepare for this semester. School supplies, electronic gadgets and even an array of snacks makes the UofSC Bookstore every students’ saving grace during the semester. The reasonable prices are hard to beat, and you can use Carolina Cash for any purchase. It truly comes in handy when you forget a calculator and are already on your way to your first math exam!

The UofSC Bookstore is the most convenient way to get your textbooks for the semester. UofSC’s system is linked with the bookstore, allowing each student to have a personalized list of textbooks needed for the semester. With the option to buy or rent your textbooks and on-campus pick up, the UofSC Bookstore becomes the definition of convenience. We all know how stressful the start of the semester can get, and the UofSC Barnes & Noble Bookstore is happy to help get every student settled in.

Make sure you take advantage of this convenient, reliable bookstore option — you will thank yourself later!