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Photo by Maggie Holman

Best Grocery Store: Trader Joes

By Maggie Holman


The frozen meal section! This is a busy college student’s best friend. They offer a large selection of delicious meals that take under 15 minutes to make. Some highlights are their shrimp stir fry, Mandarin orange chicken and their stuffed gnocchi, all between $2.99-$4.99.

Fresh produce! Includes an array of exotic fruit such as mangoes, pomegranates, kiwi and much more.

Friendly staff! Although grocery shopping can be a tedious task, shopping at Trader Joe’s is made as painless as possible by their incredible employees. They are always there to point you in the right direction, give recommendations, or just to chat with. Their wonderful demeanor and great knowledge of the store and all it carries shows just how much the employees care about their job.

Two-buck chucks! CALLING ALL 21+ YEAR OLDS! Are you tired of overpaying for your wine? Look no further because Trader Joe’s sells arguably the best two-buck chucks (AKA $2.99 bottle of wine). Whether you drink red, white or pink, they have a full selection for each.

My Top 4 Favorite Items:

Everything but the Bagel Seasoning




Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce


Strawberry Mochi