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Photo by Maggie Holman

Best Study Spot: Thomas Cooper Library

By Maggie Holman

Let’s be honest — living in a college dorm or apartment can be fun, but it’s hard to get some peace and quiet. Don’t worry though, because T-Coop has you covered! Whether you want complete silence or a little background noise, you will be able to find the perfect study spot on one of its many floors.

Floor 7

The seventh — topmost floor or the mezzanine level, features tall windows for natural light and study booths. The student success center is also on this floor and provides free academic support and tutoring to students.

Floor 6

Floor 6 is the main level of the library. Floor 6 houses the circulation desk, printers and desktops, and tables to study scattered in between the bookshelves. There is also a Starbucks which is the perfect pick me-up during long study sessions! They offer a full menu and accept CarolinaCash and meal swipes. However, sometimes the line can get long so I recommend ordering ahead on Grubhub!

Floor 5

The fifth floor is home to the technology lounge which offers desktop computers, printers and charging stations. The technology lounge also includes a rental desk that has laptops, calculators, and an assortment of different chargers. The Career Center is also located on this floor and offers students help with writing their resume, choosing a major, preparing for interviews, searching for jobs or internships and more.

Floor 4

This floor has been recently renovated and offers individual cubicles as well as tables for multiple people and study rooms.

Floor 3-1

These are the quietest areas of the library and are perfect for intense study cram sessions.