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Photo by Suze Garcia-Stam

Best Off-Campus Living: The Hub at Columbia

By Suze Garcia-Stam

After freshman year, students have the option to live off campus, which most students choose to do. Finding a lease last minute is like finding a golden ticket in your chocolate bar, but instead of getting to meet Willy Wonka, a last-minute lease gets you a house outside of Columbia right next to the train tracks. The prime time to look for a lease is about 8 months before that school year starts. One hot-ticket lease is at the Hub at Columbia because of its central location in the heart of Columbia and its plethora of amenities.

With 21 floors, The Hub is the second tallest building in Columbia which encompasses a variety of different floor plans, ranging from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom apartments. The location is perfect because it’s right on Main Street — only a 15-20 minute walk to campus. Being on Main Street means that you’ll be able to walk out of your door and quickly arrive at many restaurants and, most notably, Columbia’s famous Soda City Market.

These fully-furnished apartments have wood-style floors and full-size in-unit washers and dryers. Bathrooms can be private or shared depending on your floor plan and can even include a spa shower. But they didn’t stop there — some of the top floor units have hot tubs as well! All that is just in your personal apartment, but there are also a ton of building amenities like a fitness center, tanning salon, yoga studio, study rooms, resort-style pool and sun deck, sand volleyball court and tons more.

When signing a lease students can choose to sign with friends and decide their own roommates or The Hub can assign them at random. Prices can range from $815 to $1,300 depending on number of bedrooms and which room is selected, as prices change room to room.

With custom living options and high-quality amenities in the perfect location, it’s not hard to understand why residents love living here and why it was voted the best off-campus living!