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Photo by Torre Borowsky

Best Ice Cream: The Baked Bear

By Maggie Holman

The Baked Bear was started in San Diego by childhood friends Rob Rob- bins and Shane Stanger, but fortunately for us, it made its way all the way across the country to Columbia!

The Baked Bear is a great place to get a late-night reward after long hours of studying, or to go on a fun, casual date. But be warned — it can get messy!

The Baked Bear distinguishes itself from other ice cream shops with their custom ice cream sandwiches. There are four steps to create your very own ice cream sandwich at The Baked Bear.

Step 1: Choose two cookies to serve as the top and bottom of your sandwich (mixing and matching is encouraged!)

Step 2: Choose your ice cream.

Step 3: Choose any toppings you want.

Step 4: Choose if you want to get your sandwich hot pressed (I would highly recommend you do!)

Although The Baked Bear is known for ice cream sandwiches, they also offer ice cream scoops and pints, cookies and brownies, a hot fudge sundae, or a Bear Bowl, which is a warm chocolate chip cookie or brownie bowl with your choice of any scoop of ice cream.

With a wide variety of choices and personal customization, there is something for everyone to enjoy!