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Photo by Jatin Patel

Best On-Campus Residence Hall: Patterson Hall

By Caroline Hiel

One of the most exciting parts of freshman year of college is move-in day. For the second year in a row, Patterson Hall, commonly referred to as “Patty Shack” by residents, has been voted the best on-campus residence hall at the University of South Carolina.

Conveniently located in the middle of campus on Bull Street, Patterson Hall is just a short walk to Russell House, Thomas Cooper Library, and most academic buildings. It stands 9 stories tall and houses almost 600 coed students, allowing for plenty of interaction and new friends to be made. Rooms are suite-style, with two beds in each room and a shared bathroom among four residents. The beds can also be lofted to varying heights, offering extra space if needed and making it one of the residence halls with the most spacious rooms.

Though originally built in the 1960s, Patterson was completely renovated in the early 2010s and now features many modern and updated amenities. Amenities include kitchens and study lounges on each floor, as well as a laundry room and unique “cyber lounge” on the first floor. Having a kitchen right down the hall is perfect for baking cookies with your roommates during late-night study sessions! Study lounges are perfect for when you need to study for a big test or get on a Zoom call for an 8 a.m. class.

One of the unique and noticeable features of Patterson that differentiates it from other nearby dorms are its windows, which stretch the entire back wall of each room. Not only do residents get amazing views of the sunrises and sunsets on campus and the rest of Columbia, but these windows also contribute to Patterson’s LEED Gold certification as a sustainable and environmentally-friendly building.

Patterson typically houses the Galen Health Fellows Living and Learning Community, which is for students pursuing a health-related major, or simply just interested in a future career in health care. As of the 2020 2021 school year, rates for Patterson Hall were $3,980 per semester, or $7,960 for the full academic year.

From its location, to its amenities, to its sense of community, you won’t regret listing Patterson as your top-choice residence hall.