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Best Delivery: Insomnia Cookies

By Gracie Bryant

When you’re in a groove studying, cuddled up in bed or hanging out with friends, delivery seems like the best idea ever — especially when you’re getting cookies delivered. Insomnia Cookies, located in the center of Five Points, is the perfect late-night snack and can be delivered right to your door or dorm parking lot!

Their menu includes cookies, cakes, “wiches” and ice cream. The best part is that you can order a “Classic Combo” of two cookies and milk for yourself, or you can order cookie boxes of six, 12, 24 and even 50 or 100 cookies to share with friends! My personal favorite are their “wiches” — two of your favorite cookies joined together as an ice cream sandwich with your favorite ice cream.

After you place a delivery order you can also use their cookie tracker to find out exactly when your order is going to arrive. Their delivery services were always so quick and the cookies so delicious that it gave me and my roommates an excuse to “treat ourselves” every weekend to a pack of assorted cookies. I swear it’s where all of my money went freshman year!

With 10 different cookie options, there is something for everyone in your group to enjoy, or just extras for yourself!