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Photo by Provided by Dance Marathon

Best Student Organization: Dance Marathon

By Torre Borowsky

Dance Marathon has been voted as the best student organization at the University of South Carolina for six years in a row! UofSC’s Dance Marathon is a student-run philanthropy organization focused on raising funds and awareness for the Child Life Program at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital.

“I got started in USCDM as a freshman; I registered as a hero after hearing about it from many of my older sorority sisters and it sounded like a really fantastic way to get involved... My absolutely favorite part of this organization, year in and year out, is seeing the impact made on people — whether that is hearing from a local family impacted at the hospital or seeing a college student feel a part of something bigger than themselves or getting to witness a peer or friend put passion into this org and watch it pay off — the people connected with and through this USCDM are really something special.” — Grace Lady, President of UofSC Dance Marathon

“I love the community of DM between staff, OTOD, and the heroes. Everyone is coming together under one cause and the friends I’ve made is my favorite part. My older brother was also once in a children’s miracle hospital, so the cause is close to my heart.” — Lauren Bachinsky, Dance Marathon staff member