Sugar Buzz

Two college gals bringing you the buzz out there — but now, sweeter than ever and made with 100% authentic, real ingredients. All the buzz: sugar, small hints of spice & everything nice!

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Sugar Buzz is hosted by Lexi Waites and Shelby Johnson and produced by Brendan Lewis.

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Episode 4: Life Update & Being Certain in Uncertainty

On this episode of Sugar Buzz, Lexi updates us on her quarantine and talks about the idea of existentialism. She discusses how focusing on what you can control versus what you can’t can help anyone working on self improvement & mental cleansing during this time.

Episode 3: Life on Pause – A Global Pandemic

On today’s episode, Shelby talks about the adventures of her study abroad experience in Italy and her sudden departure from Europe due to COVID-19. She discusses how she has kept herself busy and sane throughout quarantine, and how she is trying to remain hopeful in a time of unknown.

Episode 2: Girl Chat & Katy Bellotte

On today's episode, we are OVERWHELMED with excitement to sit down with freelancer, fellow podcaster, graphic designer, & YouTube guru Katy Bellotte. We are also joined by her lovely sister Ashley & former co-host Erin for the ultimate girl chat.

Episode 1: Fresh Starts & Spring Cleaning Toxic People

On the inaugural episode of Sugar Buzz, Lexi explains Sugar Buzz’s new start, recognizing & weeding out toxic people in your life, and Shelby’s first adventures abroad in Florence & Vienna.