Garment & Black

Garment & Black is the style podcast of Garnet & Black magazine, hosted by the current Style Director Parker Blackburn. Garment & Black discusses events in fashion in a fun, bitchy, and analytical way while also looking to our co-host’s creative endeavors and editorials within the Garnet & Black magazine. 

Garment & Black is produced and edited by Connor Bird. The theme music is an original mix by Connor Bird of Holizna's "There Ain't Nothing" and "Swinging Richards" under a Public Domain Creative Commons license.

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Body Diversity in the Fashion Industry, The Effect of Y2K Films on Fashion and the Rival of the Micro Mini Skirt

Today we sit down with stylists Benji Early and Raynee Quillen and discuss both of their newest web exclusive style projects, The Effects of Film on Fashion and Positive about our Bodies. Listen in as we discuss the importance of body diversity on the runway, our favorite Y2k film moments, Styling on screen, and more.

Black Barbies, Paper Dolls, and the Role of Print in the Digital Age

Today we're celebrating our spring 2022 print magazine launch! Join us as we sit down with stylists Isha Singh and Caroline Callicut, and discuss both of their style projects in the newest print edition. Listen in as we discuss this issue’s themes of youth and comfortability, barbies vs brats, the importance of representation, and how HBO’s hit series Euphoria is redefining the media’s portrayal of youth, the iconic Princess Diana, and the role of print magazines in the digital age.

History of Gloves, Finding a Sustainability Balance, and the Rise of Resale Apps and Rental Programs with Mia McManus

On this episode, we sit down with G&B's assistant style director, Mia McManus. She is a junior retailing student from St. Louis, Missouri, looking to pursue a career in editorial styling or fashion event planning. Listen in as we discuss the importance of affordable sustainability, the history of gloves, online thrifting, clothing rental programs, and our shared love of neutrals.