Photo for Best Sports Venue: Williams Brice Stadium
Photo by Emily Neglia

Best Sports Venue: Williams Brice Stadium

By Emily Neglia

Willy B,

Thank you for going above and beyond my expectations of an SEC football game. Thank you for showing me my strength of standing in burning hot and freezing cold temperatures. Thank you for giving me some of my greatest memories and laughs as a Gamecock. Thank you for showing me what Gamecock pride is really about.

Nothing can compare to the sight of all 80,000 seats filled with rally towels spinning in the air to Sandstorm. Nothing will beat the chants of “game” “cock” being yelled back and forth between sides of the stadium. Nothing will come close to the excitement of the crowd after fireworks go off for a touchdown. With a colorful sunset above you or at night with your lights shining bright, the sight of you always puts a smile on my face. Win or lose, you continue to serve your purpose of bringing everyone together. From my first-time stepping foot inside, I knew you were special. You’ve attracted some of the best players, coaches and recruits in the game. If it weren’t for you, game days would not be the same.

Thank you for making my college game days something I will cherish forever. Thank you for making me proud to be a Gamecock, and thank you for being you.

Forever to Thee,

A loving senior